There’s a lotttttttttt going on right now, heres a quick rundown,

  • I will be moving to Brooklyn NY soon after my sophomore commencement in Utica.
  • Ive had SEVERAL successful projects and ventures as of late that will be getting there own separate articles soon.
  • I am on Packaging of the Worlds website for one of those projects.
  • TODAY (April, 15th, 2017) I have a show with a few of my contemporaries at a place called Little Skips and I plan on selling Posters, stickers, Prints, and Graphic Horror clothing.
  • Yeah thats it, stay tuned. I will be linking my personal art site and GRAPHIC HORRORS shop site on this blog.

Happy Holidays!

What’s up,

I hope everyone’s having an amazing holiday season, here’s a caricature of Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace that I did for an illustration project. It was painted on Thai mulberry paper (normally used for printmaking) using cheap acrylic paint, graphite, gesso, acrylic ink, charcoal, enamel spray paint, cheap markers and India ink. I have some cool personal projects coming up that I believe are interesting (Film  photos, woodcut prints, silkscreens, Graphic horror stuff, etc.) so stay tuned.




This is something I’ve done, will continue to do no matter where I am in life, and have immense passion for. This is the official unveiling of my custom clothing line entitled GRAPHIC HORROR. Each collection will be themed and the garments will reflect that, and most if not everything I produce is done via Silkscreen (I personally am printing things by myself) and sewing. This is the first collection entitled UCLUB and I consider it a chronicle of my time spent in Utica, New York.

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I haven’t posted much at all other than on another blog that’s used for my Visual communications class (name: COMD2017 check it out, my work as well as my classmates work is up there) because i was creating all new original pieces for my gallery which was exhibited 2 weeks ago. Here are the works from the gallery (which included paintings, collages, digitally done posters, silkscreen prints and drawings), I’ll be going back to my regular posting schedule of about once a week here, and on COMD2017. Also I am currently building my professional website which will include my resume/portfolio, and a website where you can purchase original art from me as well as prints. Stay fucking tuned.

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Unreleased Project.


So a while back I did some posters for raising star K$ace to help promote his SOHO block party but they never saw the light of day, so I’m going to release them here, mostly because I want to have them apart of the websites archive but also because I like the finished product. They were both done in Photoshop.



Week #2.

Whats up,

Ok, so I’m currently in my second week of school (hence the title) I’m all settled in and I’ve been doing mostly little things for class thus far as well as some personal artwork (FAIR WARNING: MOST OF THE PERSONALS ARE NOT FULLY FLUSHED OUT, AND SOME ARE FUCKING HORRIBLE LOOKING),most of the works (excluding the thumbnails) are done in Ink and all of it was done on Bienfang Graphics paper (my current favorite shit in the world.) The portrait is based off of Isaiah Rashad if you’re wondering.

**Photo quality sucks dick because I don’t have my camera yet.